bpwin AllFusion Process Modeler 7 or how it was previously called BPwin - a powerful software product with which, it is possible to carry out simulation, analysis, description, and the subsequent optimization of business processes.  With BPwin can create graphical models of business processes.   Graphical representation of the scheme of work, workflow, exchange of various types of information allows you to visualize the existing model of business organization.  This enables the use of advanced engineering technology to solve problems of management of the organization.


With BPwin (AllFusion Process Modeler 7) can arrange a detailed documentation of all important aspects of business processes that necessary actions and methods for their implementation and monitoring of the necessary resources for this purpose and subsequently visualize the information. BPwin improves the efficiency of IT business solutions, designers and analysts are business models are able to strike a balance between business requirements, corporate initiatives, processes, information architecture and application design. With BPwin You can see the full picture of the organization of the enterprise: the amount of work in small offices to complex business functions of the organization of the enterprise.


Using BPwin (AllFusion Process Modeler 7) is effectively used in projects in which you want to make a description of existing enterprise databases, implement the enterprise corporate information systems and for the reorganization of the existing business projects.  With BPwin can optimize the enterprise and to verify its conformity to the ISO 9000 standard, create a project organizational structure, eliminate unnecessary surgery to reduce the size of costs and increase efficiency. At the core of the software BPwin (AllFusion Process Modeler 7) laid the conventional modeling techniques, such as idef0. Modeling with the methodology idef0 recommended for use by State Standard of the Russian Federation and is the accepted standard in the U.S..  Clarity and simplicity of models Process Modeler makes much more simple interaction between the various stakeholders of business processes. Popularity BPwin (AllFusion Process Modeler 7) makes it possible to coordinate functional models in electronic form. BPwin (AllFusion Process Modeler 7) - a product of Computer Associates, he, along with ERwin Data Modeler (ERwin), Model Manager (ModelMart) and Data Model Validator (ERwin Examiner), is a software package AllFusion Modeling Suite. The use of this software allows you to effectively ensure all aspects of the modeling of information systems.

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